Founded in 1961, Discount Investment Corporation Ltd. (“DIC”) remains one of the largest and most prominent holding company  in Israel. Since its foundation, DIC has initiated and invested in companies and business enterprises in a variety of sectors, and it operates in the major intersections of business activity in Israel. In accordance with its strategy and financial strength, DIC invests in domestic companies that are industry leaders or in export-oriented companies with strong growth potential.

DIC is active in the direction and management of its portfolio companies. In addition, DIC assists portfolio companies in raising capital both in Israel and abroad. DIC constantly examines the contribution of the various operations to its business and strives to identify investment opportunities that suit its strategy, in order to maximize value to its shareholders.

    DIC has holdings in companies that are local market leaders in their specific fields such as :
  • Cellcom - largest cellular operator in Israel (42.1%)
  • Shufersal- largest grocery retail chain in Israel (50.1%)
  • Property and Building Corporation - one of the largest real-estate group in Israel (64.4%)


    In addition, DIC has holdings in Israeli-based international companies such as:
  • Elron - high-tech operational investment company (50.3%)


The company's shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the symbol DISI.